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Reliance Circles is working hand in hand with Defence & Public sector Organizations.
RC has a wide range of experties in various fields of IT , Management & Defence related products.

Reliance Circles is a multifacited organization.

  • Special Protective Clothing System

    Special Protective Clothing System

    Special ventilation insulating chemical protective clothing Technical specifications The OPCH-05 ventilation chemical insulating suit was developed in cooperation with the companies ECOPROTECT, s.r.o. and MALINA SAFETY, s.r.o. based on requirements of the Czech Army to replace the existing OPCH-90. The
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  • Mask accessories

    Mask accessories

    Protective filters General information The filters are designed to trap harmful substances from the air passing through them. They can be used as components of breathing systems in environments containing a minimum of 17 vol.% oxygen. The filter classification system
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  • Military protective Masks

    Military protective Masks

    Technical specifications Protective mask is a military protective mask. The mask perfectly protects the face, eyes and breathing airways from toxic substances, radioactivity and chemical and biological warfare agents used in the form of gases, airborne particulates or vapours. The
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  • RIOT Control Spray

    RIOT Control Spray

    Since 1999 a permanent replacement of old equipment based on CS and pepper spray has been providing. Mainly in the Police, Military police. Very important at that institution is efficiency against individuals under drugs and/or alcohol
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  • Nerve Agents Detection Strips

    Nerve Agents Detection Strips

    The detector strip DETEHIT® was designed for detection of nerve agents in air, water, food and on the surface. The detection strip can determine dangerous concentrations of nerve agents in the air ( within 2-3 minutes ), if it is possible to
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  • Decontamination System

    Decontamination System

    A number of human activities in the civil sector and in military sector can be accompanied by contamination of personal safety means, clothes even human bodies by chemicals, as well as by dangerous biological agents or other deletarious substances. It
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  • Biological Protection

    Biological Protection

    Due to increasing tourism, migration of people for work throughout the world, even to countries with less developed infrastructure and health care where protection against highly virulent infections almost does not exist, the danger of infection importation has been increasing
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  • System For Immobile Patients

    System For Immobile Patients

    One of the greatest medical developments is the fact that people live longer these days than they used to in the past. As the length of life and the amount of chronically ill patients increase, complex health care becomes more
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  • Emegency Services

    Emegency Services

    Rescue products have been developed and perfected by first aid professionals for urgent pre-hospital treatment/care. The products have been successfully used by health rescue service, mountain rescue services, aviation rescue services, mining and water rescue services, the army, fire brigades,
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